The Adult Showgees are a Weegee army, they are allies to the Kid Showgees and the Mahziis. They (like the Kid Showgees) kill Fakegees and Recolors.

Family Guygees

  • Peetah Greefen (Peter Griffin, he is also the leader of the Adult Showgees)
  • Lowees Greefen (Lois Griffin)
  • Krees Greefen (Chris Griffin)
  • Mehg Greefen (Meg Griffin)
  • Steweh Greefen (Stewie Griffin)
  • Breyawn Greefen (Brian Griffin)

The Simpseegees

  • Howmoor Seempsawn (Homer Simpson)
  • Mawrge Seempsawn (Marge Simpson)
  • Bawrt Seempsawn (Bart Simpson)
  • Leesuh Seempsawn (Lisa Simpson)
  • Mawgeh Seempsawn (Maggie Simpson)


  • Fruhy (Fry)
  • Weewah (Leela)
  • Bendah (Bender)
  • Zeedbawg (Zoidberg)

Sauf Pawrk

  • Stawn Mawrsh (Stan Marsh)
  • Keyal Bruflavskeh (Kyle Broflovski) 
  • Ehreek Kawrtmayin (Eric Cartman)
  • Kenneh MecKawrmeek (Kenny McCormick)
  • Bawtehrs Stawtch (Butters Stotch)

Malcolm in the Middlegees

  • Melkawlm (Malcolm)
  • Reehs (Reese)
  • Dooweh (Dewey)

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