Awrther sprite

Awrther Whreed is the Weegee of Arthur Read from the children's television series, Arthur. His best friend is Buhstur Bahkstur, and he has a younger sister named Dee Duhble Yew Whreed. He comes from the video game, Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day for the Gameboy Color. He can kill an enemy/hater of Weegee and/or the Mahziis, or just any person or being by throwing a basketball at them, and can also turn someone into a pancake and fry them.


  • Basketball Throw - Awrther throws a basketball at other person/being.
  • Pancake Transformation - Awrther turns other person/being into a pancake and frys them up.
  • Model Plane Throw - Awrther throws model plane at other person/being, causing the model plane to explode which kills the other person/being.
  • Super, Mega, Massive Punch (Also known as Awrther's Big Hit) - Awrther punches the other person/being extremely hard whilst screaming "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT!!", causing them to either die, explode, get badly injured, etc.
  • Glasses Throw - Awrther takes off his glasses and throws them at the other person/being like a boomerang.

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