Behteeh is the weegee version/evil version of Bitty. Behteeh was born in 1993 and became 15 years old during 

1994, but she didn't age beyond 15 years old due to her aging disorder she has. Behteeh's husband is Frepp, her sons are Kep, Urcheen and Juhmz and her daughters are Puukii, Weekee, Tawhne and Behteeh Jr. 

Behteeh V3

She is a member of Weegee's Army and her best friend is Ehlmoh. Behteeh is a police officer, a crossing guard, a police officer of the Heeglee Police Department and she is a crossing guard like her younger 13 years old twin-sister.


  • PUSH SELECT TO STOP: If she says "PUSH SELECT TO STOP", Behteeh will freeze people who hears her saying it.
  • PUSH START TO GO: If she says "PUSH START TO GO", Behteeh will mind-control people, including their movements.
  • Stop Sign Staff: She can make her staff shoot blue mega lasers.
  • Laser Vision: She can shoot lasers from her eyes and hands.


  • Unlike Bitty, Behteeh is a teenage Heegleekid rather being an adult and wears teenage-related clothes.
Toon Behteeh

Toon Form

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