Big Nate
Nate Wright Pic
Some attributes
Gender Male
Race American, human, Half-Weegee
Age 12
Other attributes
Powers The Nate Stare/The Nate Virus (Similar to the Weegee Stare/The Weegee Virus), teleportation, telekinesis, invisibility, the ability to grow to giant size, etc.
Power Level Over 999,000,000,000
Friends/Allies Francis Pope, Teddy Ortiz, Greg Heffley, Charlie Brown, Calvin, Dennis the Menace, Weegee, Malleo, etc.
Enemies/Rivals Roy Anderson and his army, any enemy/hater of Weegee and the Mahzii army, ect.

Nathan "Nate" Wright (A.K.A Big Nate, Nate Wright, or simply just Nate) is the main character and main protagonist from the Big Nate comic strip and book series. He has two friends named Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz, he is also friends with Greg Heffley and Charlie Brown. He is allied with WeegeeMalleo, other Mahziis, and SesameMalcolm99 and his army.

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