SkayetBourd Cupuh
Cupuh's are the minions of Boozuh though some don't. They are the Weegee Koopa's and appear in Weegee and Malleo's lifetime. They are like Goombeh's because they work for Boozuh. There many on the WeegeeEarth/GeeEarth/Arf. They like to steal and kidnap stuff from famous places. They are often seen riding ballons,skateboards,flying things and clouds. They are also reptile Weegee's.

Types of Cupuh's

  • Blue Cupuh (Only shell seen)
  • Red Cupuh
  • Purutrupuh
  • Gaiyeent Cupuh
  • Yellow Cupuh
  • Gray Cupuh
  • Lahkeeteu
  • Drai Bohnz
  • Tanooki Cupuh


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