Elmo got a gun

Evil Elmo (A.K.A Elmo Got a Gun or Elmo's Got a Gun) is an evil version of Elmo from the children's show Sesame Street, he comes from a flash animation on Newgrounds called "Elmo's Got A Gun" that can be found here: He usually carries weapons around like guns and knives. He is Half-Weegee due to him being created by Weegee. He is apart of the Mahzii Army and the Sesame Army.

Evil Elmo's birth

One day in Sesame Street, Elmo was sitting in his house talking to his goldfish, Dorothy, and all of a sudden, Weegee bursted through the door, Elmo screamed and tried to run away, but it was too late because Weegee caught him, Weegee took Elmo to his lair and cloned Elmo, then Weegee used his powers to turn the Elmo clone evil, and that Elmo clone is what we know today as Evil Elmo.


  • "Uh oh! Hahahaha! Who wants to die!?"
  • "Kill James!"
  • "Elmo knows where you live!"

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