Funkeeh With His Tool Belt
Toon Funkeeh

Toon Funkeeh

Funkeeh is the spouse of Twenkal, the brother of Punkeeh, Wrane and Winkeeh, an inventor who builds technology for Weegee and Malleo and a member of Die Heeglee Zerfleischen as well as Weegee's Army. Funkeeh also invented the Weegeefier Laser Gun that is specified to shoot Weegee Virus plasma beams against the victim to become a weegee Version of themselves.


  • Instant Invention: He can instantly summon an invention by thinking what the invention should be.
  • Laser Vision: He can shoot lasers from his eyes to attack opponents.


  • Funkeeh speaks in Twinkle's US voice like Twenkal does.

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