Modern Kep Vector
Kep is the Weegee version or the evil clone of Kip, the son of Behteeh and Frepp, the husband of Mazeeh, the brother of Urcheen, Juhmz, Puukii, Weekee, Tawhne and Behteeh Jr, the nephew of Uwnhcawl Zawkhee, the grandson of Grawnhdmawmaw and Grawnhdpawhpawh, a close friend of Owli Powli and Beelee Beeval, and the member of Weegee's Army and Die Heeglee Zerfleischen. Kep is 4.5 years old and hates humans and threatens to destroy them all including Higglykids and he comes from a lost episode of Higglytown Heroes which is a beta version of the "Stinky Situation" episode. He was born in 1994. 


Kep is described to be an adventurous, exploring, extreme-combatting and a evil Weegee and will always helpful to Weegee and Malleo's armies. Kep can be quite extremely aggressive when in battle and will try to defeat Weegee's enemies who try and rebel against his orders and likes going to space. Kep will also hang out with Owli Powli, Beelee Beeval, Pointy Beeval and Thenk Powli during in activities and at battles.


Flaming Rocket: He can throw flaming rockets to damage enemies.

Vacuum: He will drain air to create a vacuum to kill enemies and cause zero-gravity.

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