Kid Showgees are Weegees of characters from kid shows. They are allies to the Mahziis.

Sesame Streegees

  • Ehlmoh (Elmo, he is also the leader of the Kid Showgees)
  • Cookeh Mawnstoor (Cookie Monster)
  • Grovawr (Grover)
  • Awskur (Oscar)
  • Beeg Burd (Big Bird)
  • Urneh (Ernie)
  • Burt (Bert)
  • Coount Vawn Coount (Count Von Count)
  • Samuro (The Fortran of Elmo and father of Ehlmoh)
  • Elm

Dora The Exploreegees

  • Dowruh (Dora)
  • Bewts (Boots)
  • Bawck-Pawck (Back-Pack)
  • Mahp (Map)
  • Swaipur (Swiper)
  • Benneh (Benny)
  • Teekow (Tico)


Main article: TehleeTuhbees

  • Teenkeeh Weenkeeh (Tinky Winky)
  • Deepseeh (Dipsy)
  • Law-Law (La-La)
  • Poh (Poe)

Thomas The Weegee Engiene

  • Tawmes (Thomas)
  • Jaymes (James)
  • Pursee (Persey)
  • Ehdwahrd (Edward)
  • Duhck (Duck)


  • Ewbee (Oobi)
  • Ewmah (Ooma)
  • Kayko (Kako)
  • Grawmpew (Grampoo)

Little Billgees

  • Leetul Beel (Little Bill)
  • Ayprool (April)
  • Bawbeh (Bobby)

The Upside Downgees

  • Shayn (Shane)
  • Daveed (David)
  • Puhppet (Puppet)


  • Awrther Whreed (Arthur Read)
  • Dee Duhble Yew Whreed (D.W. Read)
  • Buhstur Bahkstur (Buster Baxter)

Blue's Cluegees

Main article: The Blleeoo's Clleeoos Army

  • Steev (Steve)
  • Blleeoo (Blue)
  • Mehl Bawcks (Mail Box)
  • Shuvool (Shovel)
  • Pehl (Pail)
  • Teketee Tawk (Tickety Tock)
  • Sleppuree Sohp (Slippery Soap)
  • Joeh (Joe)
  • SideTabool (SideTable)


  • Uneequa (Uniqua)
  • Pawblo (Pablo)
  • Tyrown (Tyrone)
  • Tawshaw (Tasha)
  • Awsteen (Austin)


  • Spowrtakuhs (Sportacus)
  • Stehfanee (Stephanie)
  • Rawbee Rawteen (Robbie Rotten)
  • Zeegee (Ziggy)
  • Steengee (Stingy)
  • Peeksul (Pixel)
  • Treexee (Trixie)


  • Caillew (Caillou)
  • Bowrees (Boris)
  • Dowrees (Doris)
  • Rohsee (Rosie)

Higglytown Herogees (WIP)

  • Yubee (Eubie)
  • Wrane (Wayne)
  • Twenkal (Twinkle)
  • Kep (Kip)
  • Frwan (Fran)
  • Rozeeh
  • Punkeeh
  • Funkeeh
  • Lucee

Rolie Polie Oliegees (WIP)

  • Owli Powli (Olie Polie)
  • Zoweeh Powli (Zowie Polie)
  • Beelee Beeval (Billy Bevel)
  • Thenk Powli
  • Pointy Beeval (a clone of Billy Bevel who is now a Weegee)
  • Zhenkie Powli
  • Thenky Powli

PB&J Ottergees (WIP)

Winnie The Poohgees (WIP)

Handy Mannygees​ (WIP)

Sofia The Firstgees (WIP)

Henry Hugglemonstergees (WIP)

Stanleygees (WIP)

Bear in the Big Blue Housegees (WIP)

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