Leenkin Lawhd is the Weegee and evil version of Lincoln Loud from the Nickelodeon show The Loud House, he has 10 sisters named Lowree Lawhd, Lehnee Lawhd, Lewnah Lawhd, Lewan Lawhd, Leen Lawhd, Lewsee Lawhd, Lawnah Lawhd, Lowlah Lawhd, Leesah Lawhd, and Leelee Lawhd. His best friend is Klide McBryde. He can turn an enemy of Weegee into a comic book and rip them up.
Leenkin Lawhd2

Leenkin's regular form

Leenkin Lawhd

Leenkin Lawhd 2.0

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