MehtahNKIET winged

Him with wings



FITE MEH!-Mehtah Nkiet is the Weegee of Meta Knight from Kurby. He is a frenemy of Kurbeh and might be a friend of Keeng DDD. He is a Weegee clone bioweapon that is apart of the Weegee's and Mahzii's against Anti-Weegee Corparation. After the Anti-Weegee Corparation were defeated he parted his ways with the Mahzii Army. Now after many years he has his Mehtah Army,his own Army. He wants to destroy Draemlands lazy lifestyle. His army mostly includes Demon Spier Waddul Dii's,Demon Swawd Nkiets,Demon Blaod Nkiets,Demon Demon Jahvehlin Nkiets,Demon Ahx Nkiets,Demon Maise Nkiets,Demon Trydunt Nkiet Demon Kaysoool Jai's,Upgraded Moto Shotzoes and his enhanced demonic Magicool Swiipahs. Like most Weegee's he hates Stupa Bowsa Pals.

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