Pewh Bahwr Vector
Pewh Bahwr is the Weegee version/evil clone of Winnie The Pooh, the son of Hoop who is the Fortran version of Pooh and a member of Weegee's Army. He is the dictator of the Hawhndrad Acur Wewhd which it is a secret base for the Hott Honig Räubers which he is the leader of this militia. He supports Malleo's rule of getting rid of every person who isn't a Weegee out of the United 'Gees Galaxy.



  • Bother: If he says "Bother", the victim/object will become a Honey-related weapon (such as a Honey Rifle, a Honey Blade) or other honey-related stuff
  • Honey Laser Vision: He can shoot sticky, quicksand lasers/quick-freezing honey lasers/deadly plasmic honey lasers/explosive flak honey lasers to burning honey lasers from his eyes.
  • The Honey Whirlpool: He can summon a Honey Whirlpool to swallow enemies inside in order to suffocate them.

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