Punkeeh is the Weegee version of an unamed Higglykid from Higglytown Heroes who is the younger brother of Funkeeh, Twenkal, Wrane, the 

Punkeeh Revamped

husband of Winkeeh, a fisher who likes catching Fish, a member of Die Heeglee Zerfleischen as well as Weegee's Army and is the leader of the Weegee Fishing Club. Punkeeh is best friends with Yubee, Kep, Frwan, Mazeeh, Malleo, Sawneek and Spai. Punkeeh has a extreme hatred on Recolors and attempts to destroy them compeletly. He also owns a pet goldfish named "Tawhby".


  • PUSH START TO FISHY, FISHY: When he says "PUSH START TO FISHY, FISHY", you will become a pile of fish.
  • Aquarium Laser: He can shoot aquarium blue lasers from his eyes.

Toon Punkeeh

Toon Punkeeh

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