"I'M READY!!!" - SpungeBawb's catchphrase and war cry

SpungeBawb is the Weegee of SpongeBob, he is best friends with his cousin Pahtreek. He is the son of Renhaldi and his uncle is Genjaron.
SpungeBawb new

SpungeBawb's game form

SpungeBawb Regulaur

Regular, made by LLRweegee.

Spungebawb full body

Toon Form 1.0, this one probably came from PhotoBucket or Tumblr.


Toon Form 2.0, this also possibly came from PhotoBucket or Tumblr.


Him With His Hat.

 Unlike SpongeBob and a few Weegees, him and Pahtreek wear green Weegee-like clothes sometimes. He has a game form that comes from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (I think) for Gameboy Advance. He has a pet snail named Gehree. He can turn a person into a sponge or a Krahbeh Pahteh by saying "I'M READY!!!".

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