Stupheen is all his glory

Once, there was a 17 year old boy named "Stephen". He was kind of a psychopath because he liked to burn stuff, and was somewhat handsome. He also liked Mario games. Once, he was walking outside and saw A person in a outfit similar to luigis. He went to him and said "Hey I love Mario games! You're outfit looks like Luigi's!" And when this person Looked at him, and Stephen saw its the legendary Weegee! Weegee was using his stare at Stephen. Stephen threw a match that was on fire at Weegee, and Weegee blocked it messing the stare in process. Stupheen came out of Stephen and looked at him. Stephen thought "Weird" And Stupheen threw a fireball at a building for some reason. The building Set on fire. Stephen cowardly ran away, and stupheen went with Weegee back to the Weegeeverse.


  • Control of fire
  • Stupheen stare (if he looks into you're eyes, you will set on flames)
  • Other fire themed powers


When stupheen became very angry, he turned into his toon form. It makes him scarier and stronger in this form.


Made by User:Alphaweegee

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