TehleeTuhbee's are these colorful Weegee creatures who live over the hills and far away. They were born when Weegee captured the TeleTubbies and fused their DNA with a Weegee clone's DNA.

They are the Weegeeified version of the TeleTubbies. They are massive destroyers of people who hate Weegee and imposters.

The characters

Teenkeeh Weenkeeh (Tinky Winky) - He is the purple TehleeTuhbee with a triangle antenna, He can say "Teenkle Weenkle, Teenkeeh Weenkeeh!" to his victim and kill them. He is a friend of Bawrnee Teh Dinusawr.

Deepseeh (Dipsy) - He is the green TehleeTuhbee and has a straight-up antenna.

Law-Law (La-La) - She is the yellow TehleeTuhbee with a curly antenna.

Poh (Poe) - She is the red TehleeTuhbee with a round antenna. She is a friend of Malleo and Ehlmoh.

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