TheWeegeeArtistMaker9800 (simply known as TheWeegeeArtistMaker or TWAM) is a Weegee who is the creator
TheWeegeeArtistMaker V6
of the Weegee-o-Matic Machine in which he usually uses it to create Weegee People. TheWeegeeArtistMaker's parents is Poohint and Cuuhloor. He is currently trying to launch the Second Weegee Fad which is a revival of The Weegee Fad. TheWeegeeArtistMaker is also known to dislike recolors and Fakegees in the Weegee Fad. He is one of the most extremely powerful Weegees.


TheWeegeeArtistMaker is shown to be entertaining and extremely friendly towards other people he cares about. But he is shown to be serious all of the time when necessary. He dislikes people swearing and cursing to his allies and will prevent them from doing so. He also loves children's TV shows as his sweet spot and will show Mickey Mouse's personality.

He is shown to be very wise and prophetic on what things are gonna happen sooner or eventually. He is rarely emotional when he loses something that is close to him.


  • Weegee Creation: He can create various Weegee People by thinking about it.
  • Recolor Drainer: He can drain Recolors health and transforms the recolor to a non-recolor.
  • Life Form Drainer: He can drain a life form's health to heal himself.
  • Flash 8 Format: He can throw a Macromedia Flash 8 logo at a Weegee to turn them into a Weegee that looked like that he/she was made in Flash 8.


  • Like Paute, he was one of the Weegees that were children.
  • He doesn't like Weegees that are not made in Flash 8.
  • He supports TheMarioBrother's point of not liking recolors in the Weegee Fad.

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