Tommyxs Peckulz is a Guiyii that was created when Marioxs gave a

This is Tommyxs.

Tormee Peckulz Clone a baby's bottle with Marioxs' DNA in it and told the Tormee Clone it was milk, and the Tormee Clone thought it was really milk and drunk it, then the Tormee Clone and Marioxs' DNA got fused together and made Tommyxs, Tommyxs is a different Weegee person and is only a clone of Tormee. He is best friends with Chuckiexs Phenstor, Kimixs Phenstor, Philxs DehVell, and Lilxs DehVell. He has a brother named Dilxs Peckulz and a cousin named Angelicaxs Peckulz.

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