Uncle Lemmno Clone -2749

A picture of Uncle Lemmno Clone #2749 holding a trashbag, after Yubee, Wrane, Twenkal, Kep and Frwan had gave him the Weegee Virus by using a Weegifier Laser Gun.

Uncle Lemmno Clone #2749 is a clone of Uncle Lemmno who got the Weegee Virus
Alternate Uncle Lemmno Clone 2749

Alternate Version

after Yubee, Wrane, Twenkal, Kep and Frwan had used a Weegifier Laser Gun to make him become a pure, evil Weegee who is loyal with Weegee and Malleo's rule and has trash-related powers. Uncle Lemmno Clone #2749 is a trash collector of the Weegeeverse. In rare occassions, he got help from Yubee, Wrane, Twenkal, Kep and Frwan for collecting the trash for the Weegee community. He also created a Weegee Person for the Powlis named Trawshi and created another Weegee named Trawshcan The Heeglee Trawsh.


  • "PUSH START TO TRASH": When he says "PUSH START TO TRASH", a person will become a bag of trash.
  • Weegee Virus Trash Bag: He can spread the Weegee Virus by using a trash bag full of Weegee Virus Radiation to make the victim become a Weegee Clone or a Weegee Person.

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