"The Brooklyn what!?"

Weegee is a evil Luigi meme that originated from a educational video game called Mario is Missing! DOS. His brother is Malleo, his parents are Ulona and Fortran and his pet is Yushee. He has many friends that also come from the game and is considered evil. He has many friends like Paute,Awphysaur,Phatsograverest,Prawphysaur,Dawnkey Kawng and others.


His main rival is Boozuh who kidnapped his brother Malleo in "Malleo is Missing!". Weegee's other rivals are Bowsa,Link Mah Boi and Captain Lou Albano. Weegee is a powerful interstellar being who wants to take over everything he saw.


  • Weegee Virus (Credit to Achille12345 Wiki): Via the Weegee Stare, he can use the Weegee Virus to turn people into Weegee Clones, but it fails when he is facing with power opponents or people who are immune to the Weegee Virus.
  • Overlimit (Credit to Achille12345 Wiki): He can charge a giant ball of fire and will hurl it down on enemies.
  • Rapid Fire (Credit to Achille12345 Wiki): He can shoot a hail of small bolts towards enemies.
  • Regeneration Factor (Credit to Achille12345 Wiki): Weegee can survive being dismembered and decapitated, and can heal himself on top of that, making him hard to kill.
  • Mystic Stare/Death Stare (Credit to Achille12345 Wiki): Via the Weegee Stare, he can his eyes to cast either powerful, massive beam attacks towards opponents.
  • Weegee Stare: The Weegee Stare is Weegee's most recognizable ability. This allows him to stare at someone for a certain amount of time. Eventually, the person he is staring at either dies/explodes.
  • Razor Teeth (Credit to Achille12345 Wiki): He can bite opponents with his razor-sharp Teeth


  • "Go Weegee! Go Weegee! Go Weegee! Go Weegee!"
  • "I'm practically a popsicle, Malleo, are we there yet?"
  • "The Brooklyn WHAT!?"



Funny weegee03:36

Funny weegee

Night of Weegee03:35

Night of Weegee

Obey weegee destroy mario00:06

Obey weegee destroy mario

Youtube Poop - Weegee is with us00:39

Youtube Poop - Weegee is with us

Know Your Meme Weegee04:02

Know Your Meme Weegee

YoutubePoop Weegee becomes Craperone05:52

YoutubePoop Weegee becomes Craperone

YTP Weegee Takes Over Spongebob02:23

YTP Weegee Takes Over Spongebob

We Are Weegees00:30

We Are Weegees

YTP - The Forest of Weegee03:19

YTP - The Forest of Weegee

Obey Weegee..00:06

Obey Weegee... (Original)

Obey to Weegee for 10 minutes10:00

Obey to Weegee for 10 minutes

Youtube Poop Weegee Claus08:14

Youtube Poop Weegee Claus

YouTube Poop The Sky Had A Weegee!02:07

YouTube Poop The Sky Had A Weegee!

Youtube Poop - Lucario Vs02:46

Youtube Poop - Lucario Vs. Weegee

Youtube Poop Weegee Ruins Christmas02:42

Youtube Poop Weegee Ruins Christmas

Weegee VS "That Guy Who Moves His Head"01:59

Weegee VS "That Guy Who Moves His Head"

Weegee - Revolutions02:27

Weegee - Revolutions

Weegee Invasion07:08

Weegee Invasion

Mario & Luigi Partners in Youtube - Boss Giga-Weegee (Obviously fake)02:11

Mario & Luigi Partners in Youtube - Boss Giga-Weegee (Obviously fake)


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