Wuain is the Weegee of Wayne. Wrane is 7 years old and he came from a lost episode of
Wuain HD V3
Higglytown Heroes episode which is a beta version of the "Stinky Situation" episode. He helped Yubee, Twenkul, Kehp and Frehn give Uncle Lemmno Clone 2749 the Weegee Virus by using a Weegifier Laser Gun that Funkeeh had given them. Like Kehp and the Weegees, he hates Fakegees and Recolors, but not Weegee People.


  • Toast: He can turn people into toast.
  • Flaming Toast: He can shoot Flaming Toast from his hands to make a person inflict major damage.
  • Toast Radiation: He can shoot Toast Radiation (abberivated as TR) from his hand to make that victim get severe burns.

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